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Kelly M. Beach, LMBT NC License # 9592

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Kelly M. Beach

Kelly M. Beach was born and brought up in farm country, in Oneida County, NY. Kelly graduated from SUNY Oneonta with a B.A. in psychology. Then, maintained a position as a social worker for 5 years in long term health care, in Central NY. While working toward a Master’s degree, she rediscovered the biological sciences. This led to studying massage therapy, including an interest in Chinese medicine and myofascial work, all with the intention of assisting people with difficult musculoskeletal or chronic pain issues, athletic injuries, and stress management.


Kelly obtained her massage therapy certification at Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and maintained a private practice in Southern CT from 1995 to 2009. She currently is licensed in NY State and NC, is Nationally Certified and has American Massage Therapy Association membership. Kelly works out of a private office in her home in Northeast Charlotte, UNC Charlotte area of Northeast Charlotte North Carolina.


Directions to KMB Massage office can be viewed at:


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Kelly likes to spend her free time enjoying traveling, hiking, hockey and history. She offers a variety of massage therapy applications including: deep tissue, neuromuscular or trigger point release, pain specific massage techniques, Swedish or relaxation, and acupressure, plus light touch therapies for cancer and fragile clients. She has advanced myofascial, craniosacral, and scar tissue training. Another main interest throughout her career has been working with women's issues.


Kelly’s experience is one of her strengths in the business. Since becoming a licensed massage therapist, she has accumulated right around 700 continuing educations hours. Of that total, 350 hours are various forms of fascia related study, including Barnes, Upledger, Barral, and Myers. She has integrated hands on fascia work as part of her sessions for the past 14 of the 17 years she has been in the therapeutic massage and bodywork business.


NC license # 9592

NY license #008398-1

AMTA ID # 47239

National Certification # 27528-00

For more specific information on my training, please refer to Resume and Education