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Kelly M. Beach, LMBT NC License # 9592

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I am a 19 year practiced and licensed massage therapist who is relatively new to Charlotte, who very much wants to contribute to community events! I am local to the University area of Charlotte, Harrisburg and Concord.


Since heart disease and cancer are big deal health crisis, they are the two associations I really like to be involved with. As far as heart disease goes also, it really fits the massage therapy venue because people with related conditions have to work on reducing their stress levels, probably start new exercise programs, as well as eat healthy and sleep well. Therapeutic massage is a fabulous complementary and alternative medicine which can support both short term and long term changes, as well as add great benefits to a wellness routine, and thus, this is true for cancer and health also.


I am seeking marketing avenues in which I can add my name and address, to become aware of upcoming events where I can offer chair massage, such as heart or cancer walks and runs or health fairs. I am also very interested in the Go Red days, where perhaps for about 2 hours, I can take my massage chair to that business and offer the employees who are wearing red that day a ten minute free chair massage. Another idea is to do chair massage at a business who is hosting a blood donation drive or any sort of community/charity event.


I would like to make local businesses aware that I am willing and ready to do free chair massage at such events. I am part of the Linked In group, connect with me here:


I would really like to get my offerings out there!


Thank you for any suggestions or participation,