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Kelly M. Beach, LMBT NC License # 9592

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News from Kelly Beach




I am a 19 year practiced and licensed massage therapist who is relatively new to Charlotte, who very much wants to contribute to community events! I am local to the University area of Charlotte, Harrisburg and Concord.


Since heart disease and cancer are big deal health crisis, they are the two associations I really like to be involved with. As far as heart disease goes also, it really fits the massage therapy venue because people with related conditions have to work on reducing their stress levels, probably start new exercise programs, as well as eat healthy and sleep well. Therapeutic massage is a fabulous complementary and alternative medicine which can support both short term and long term changes, as well as add great benefits to a wellness routine, and thus, this is true for cancer and health also.


I am seeking marketing avenues in which I can add my name and address, to become aware of upcoming events where I can offer chair massage, such as heart or cancer walks and runs or health fairs. I am also very interested in the Go Red days, where perhaps for about 2 hours, I can take my massage chair to that business and offer the employees who are wearing red that day a ten minute free chair massage. Another idea is to do chair massage at a business who is hosting a blood donation drive or any sort of community/charity event.


I would like to make local businesses aware that I am willing and ready to do free chair massage at such events. I am part of the Linked In group, connect with me here:


I would really like to get my offerings out there!


Thank you for any suggestions or participation,






Laura Allen, owner of Thera-ssage in Rutherfordton, NC  has a special offer for veterans. I have her permission to post that information below, and her permission to match the program!

Thus, any veteran returning from a war zone in the past 12 months, KMB MassageTherapy, will provide a free one hour massage session. Please call 980-333-7300 or e-mail for an appointment, if you are a veteran seeking therapeutic massage in the NE Charlotte, Harrisburg, or Concord areas. If you live in the Rutherfordton area, please see Thera-ssage information below.

Veterans Project

THERA-SSAGE will provide a free massage to any veteran returning from a war zone in the past 12 months. Please call 828-288-3727 to schedule an appointment.


Therapeutic Massage is a great way to take care of yourself and assist your body with returning to a more neutral state, or to help get you through the week. A one hour session can make a difference!


If you have tried massage before, and did not feel its benefits, don’t give up, try again! Every therapist’s technique and what they have to offer is a little bit different.

I can offer over17 years experience with advanced skills, including over 700 continuing education with 350 hours of fascia or connective tissue work, which means pain focused therapy. I am also happy to offer full body relaxation and rejuvenation type massage.



To learn a little more about stress and your health and how to reduce stress, please browse the links provided below:



The below information is just information. They are all things the therapist has participated in at some point, or read and has had worthwhile experience. They are in no way recommended, nor is she receiving endorsement.

CONTINUING EDUCATION: for massage therapists and bodyworkers, or movement therapists or anyone interested in such information.



Ben Benjamin also offers some terrific webinars, usually in a specific subject related series.


ARTICLE:for all of you who want to learn more about fascia, injury and exercise or fitness

Tom Myers, Fascial Fitness: Fascial Fitness: Training in the Neurofascial Web



Two Exercises Every Woman Should be Doing

by health physical therapists, to help forestall female-specific problems