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Kelly M. Beach, LMBT NC License # 9592

KMB Massage Therapy

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60 minute session: $60.00

90 minute session: $90.00

Product details

Kelly has a wide range of general massage skills from relaxation or light tissue work for clients with fragile conditions or simply have that preference, to something in the moderate or medium range, to deep tissue or firm pressure massage therapy. She also offers a variety of other therapeutic applications such as trigger point or neuromuscular therapies, acupressure, myofascial and craniosacral therapies, or athletic stretching. For more information about technique types, Massage Descriptions FAQ  

Note that massage and specific techniques can be combined, and is the most often sought out therapeutic hour.


The average request seems to be: Not too deep as to leave anyone sore for a number of days, but to feel like the knots and tissues have been relieved of pain, discomfort and restriction. Or said another way, a significant number of clients often come in with a specific issue or two with the request to work moderate to deep on that, but combine with an over-all feel good therapeutic massage. And usually, they leave the therapeutic application up to me, which is dependent upon the tissue response. Some clients are also directly seeking a certain type of therapy such as Barnes Myofascial Therapy, or Upledger CranioSacral protocols, scar tissue or adhesion work, or come in with the desire to decrease stress, improve sleep or digestion, or work on women’s issues.


A 60 minute session is the most requested, and has significant results.

A 90 minute session allows for a little extra attention to issues, such as low back, neck or shoulder, while still having time to smooth out a full body, or to add time for foot massage 

Massage price And Special Offer

60 minute session: $60.00

90 minute session: $90.00


Make 2 new referrals and receive a FREE 60 Minute Massage.  We will keep track for You!!


Kelly does not charge separate fees or add on fees for the types of therapies a client receives. 


Rates are determined by time only, and you will receive hands on for a full 60 or 90 minutes.


*Please note that at the NE Charlotte home office location, credit cards are not accepted.*

At this time, the business is too small to utilize credit cards and counterbalance the fees for transactions, and of course, we do not wish to alter the rates to cover that cost.