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Massage and Cancer:


Massage therapy during cancer treatment, or after, can feel uplifting, body and spirit connecting, and of course, relaxing and stress reducing.  It seems to me, anything that helps reduce stress has to assist the body in a healing process. The session can be any length of time, depending on what a client feels like, ½ hour to 1 hour.  It can focus on one part of the body such as only feet, or back, or it can be a full body. We can use props to get you in a comfortable lying, side lying or even seated position. The amount of pressure or type of technique used can also be directed entirely by the client. Other forms of bodywork that do not require a massage type stroke that a client might find helpful for relaxation and stress reduction, or body mind connecting, and by the way are easily performed entirely clothed, are acupressure, craniosacral type therapies, and Reiki. Please do not allow financial stress to dictate your decision about receiving massage therapyduring cancer treatment. Feel free to talk with me and I will do my best to negotiate something affordable and agreeable to the both of us.  Also, please do discuss receiving massage therapy with your physician.


From the therapist:

My first experience with cancer occurred when I was age 7.  My grandmother was diagnosed with lower abdominal cancer and survived about a year. Next, Mom had a mastectomy, when she was 39 and I was 13. Happily, Mom is a survivor, is well, cancer free, and enjoying life! In 2009, we lost Dad, who heartily attempted to conquer lung cancer.Also in 2009, we lost cousin Grant with a recurring brain tumor. Cousin Tom is beating breast cancer. Mark, abrother-in-law, continues his skin check routine. During the past five years, my husband’s grandparents have each beat various forms of cancer.  There are numerous other friends, family members, and clients, all to whom this part of my business is dedicated and our involvement interest is sustained.  And, I would like to hear your story.  I am honored to work with whatever you bring to your session that day. 



*Massage therapists with long term experience and expertise with massage and cancer:


Three Spas That Offer Free Services for Cancer Patients,  October 3, 2011 by Betsy Mikel




*Massage Today magazine has several articles written by Tracy Walton about massage and cancer:


From the American Cancer Society:


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Massage therapy for cancer patients: a reciprocal relationship between body and mind

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Corresponding author: Stephen M. Sagar, Juravinski Cancer Program, Hamilton Health Sciences Corporation and McMaster University (Departments of Oncology and Medicine), 699 Concession Street, Hamilton, Ontario L8V 5C2.

This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.


 *All links above are used/posted with permission.*